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The Perdana Leadership Foundation survives solely on private contributions from generous Malaysians. The Foundation estimates it will need RM100 million for its endowment fund to successfully continue the Foundation's programmes to collect, digitise, develop and disseminate materials on Malaysia’s leadership history and nation-building journey well into the future.

Zarina Abu Bakar
General Manager
Perdana Leadership Foundation
Tel: +603 - 8885 8960
Fax: +603 - 8885 1116

As we are building up our archives to be the most comprehensive resource on Malaysian Prime Ministers, we welcome contributions in the form of letters, books, magazines, journals, newspaper clippings, and audio video material related to this nation’s leaders, including party leaders, cabinet members, academics and activists, especially if they influenced policy decisions or were part of key events.

Due to space limitations, we focus on documents than artifcats. We digitise all textual materials that we receive to ensure that its contents will be preserved well into the future.

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact our Librarians: MR ADNAN (+603 – 8885 8940) or MS SURIYANA (+603 – 8885 8956) and e-mail to have the materials assessed and arrangements made.