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In 2019, the Perdana Library organized a 3-day workshop on Organising Information Resources in Libraries using RDA Cataloguing Rules. The workshop was facilitated by Puan Hamidah A. Rahman, a former Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Information Management at UiTM Puncak Perdana. The participants who attended the workshop came from 13 organisations; they each received a copy of the RDA Malaysia manual, along 2 sets of notes.

The workshop covered the history of Resources Description & Access (RDA) and its cataloguing rules, and allowed participants to get hands-on experience with rdatoolkit.org, a browser-based online app that allows users to interact with a collection of cataloging-related documents and resources. Participants also had cataloguing tasks to complete that were reviewed by other participants.

The RDA workshop was a practical, hands-on session over three days, organized by librarians Ms Suriyana Mohd Noor and Ms Lina Nabilah. Three more library-centric workshops are planned in 2020. For more information, contact suriyana@perdana.org.my.