What is it like to research a given topic within two hours using multiple resources? The participants of our recent Information Literacy programme know the answer. In a one-day programme that allows teams from different schools to showcase their intellectual grit, analytical skills, and articulation, 66 students from SMK Bandar Sunway, and SMK Putrajaya Precinct 9 (2) competed against each other to prepare a 7-minute presentation on subjects such as 13th May Tragedy, Rukun Negara, the Formation of Malaysia, the Secession of Singapore, the Malayan Union, the New Economic Policy, and Merdeka.

Participants this time around were lucky enough to have Mr Johan Irwan Kamarozaman, one of the judges, share a few of his tips on effective presentation skills before the session began. Throughout the presentation, teams kept cool while under the watchful eyes of their peers. A Q&A session with a panel of judges followed after each respective presentation which measured the teams’ ability to think swiftly and logically while under pressure.

Mr Johan Irwan Kamarozaman

At the end of the event, Team “The Prince of Unity”, from SMK Bandar Sunway, with their presentation on the Secession of Singapore took home the biggest prize while Ms. Sreoshi Karim claimed the Best Presenter award. Ms. Sreoshi was from the group “The Great Malaysia”, which won 2nd place.

Launched in 2008, the Perdana Leadership Foundation Information Literacy Programme aims to test students’ knowledge of Malaysian History and their ability to conduct library-based. If you wish to nominate your school to participate, please contact the programme’s lead coordinator, Ms Suriyana Mohd Noor, at suriyana@perdana.org.my or library@perdana.org.my.

The 29th Information Literacy Programme was supported by Sunway Group.