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Staff Pick: Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group

Name: Maizatul Kartini Kamaruldin
Book: Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group
Author: Chen Wei
Publisher: Jointly published by Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia and Han Culture Centre (M) Sdn Bhd
Publication Year: 2017
Book Language:  English

Official Synopsis:

“Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group” by Chen Wei offers readers an insightful journey into the life, leadership, and legacy of one of the most iconic figures in modern entrepreneurship.

The book begins by tracing Jack Ma’s humble origins in Hangzhou, China, and follows his remarkable journey from a struggling English teacher to the visionary leader who revolutionised the e-commerce landscape with Alibaba.

Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Chen Wei provides a comprehensive exploration of Jack Ma’s entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting his unyielding determination and resilience in overcoming challenges. Readers gain valuable insights into Ma’s early ventures, including the founding of Alibaba in 1999, and his bold vision to connect Chinese businesses with the global market through e-commerce.

Wei delves into the strategic decisions and innovative approaches that propelled Alibaba’s meteoric rise to prominence, from the creation of Taobao, and Tmall to the expansion into diverse sectors such as cloud computing, digital finance, and logistics.

The book also navigates the complexities, and controversies surrounding Jack Ma’s leadership style, including Alibaba’s encounters with regulatory challenges in China and abroad. Wei offers a balanced perspective, allowing readers to grasp the intricacies of Ma’s leadership and the evolving dynamics of Alibaba’s corporate journey.

This book is not merely a biography but a testament to the tenacity of an entrepreneur who dared to dream big and redefine the possibilities of e-commerce on a global scale. Chen Wei’s compelling narrative invites readers to immerse themselves in the inspiring story of Jack Ma and gain valuable insights into the principles and practices that drove Alibaba’s success.

In summary, this book serves as a captivating exploration of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation, making it a must-read for anyone inspired by the transformative power of visionary leadership and the impact of technology on shaping the future of commerce.


“Chen Wei’s ‘Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group’ is a captivating dive into the life and legacy of one of the most influential figures in modern business. What impressed  me most about the book was its ability to humanise Ma, portraying him not just as a successful entrepreneur but as a resilient individual who overcame numerous obstacles on his path to success. Through Wei’s compelling storytelling, readers gain a deeper appreciation for Ma’s visionary leadership, and the transformative impact of Alibaba on the global economy.

By examining the strategic decisions and controversies surrounding Ma’s leadership, the book offers valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate governance. The author excels in offering a balanced perspective, acknowledging both Alibaba’s achievements and its shortcomings. 

In conclusion, ‘Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group’ is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the intersection of technology, commerce, and leadership in today’s fast-paced world. Chen Wei’s skillful combination of storytelling and analysis make this biography not only engaging to read but also a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone intrigued by the transformative power of visionary leadership. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking inspiration from the extraordinary journey of Jack Ma and the rise of Alibaba as a global phenomenon


Louis Cha: “Making the best use of talents is the gist of success for great leaders…” (Page 31)

Jack Ma: “Never give up. God helps those who helped themselves. No excuse for failure, only find grounds for success” (Page 47)

Jack Ma: “In running a business, one has to be both idealistic and romantic” (Page 63)

Jack Ma: “What the world needs is a more open and more transparent, more sharing, more responsible, more global company. The world needs a company that comes from society, serves society, and dares to take responsibility for the future of society. The world needs a kind of culture, a kind of spirit, a belief, a kind of undertaking. Only with these, we can go farther, better, and grow more comfortable in the hardness of entrepreneurship” (Page 112)

Jack Ma: “Development, innovation, and progress are the absolute goals! But I earnestly request you to remember: Progress is necessary. But above that is absolute health! Health is everything!” (Page 131)

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