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Staff Pick Super Healing Foods

Name: Nurshahafiqah Asli
Designation: Executive Building & Administration
Book: Super Healing Foods: Discover the Incredible Healing Power of Natural Foods
Author: Goulart, Frances Sheridan
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Publication Year: 1995
Book Language: English
Call Number: 613.2 GOU

“Super Healing Foods: Discover the Incredible Healing Power of Natural Foods” is a comprehensive guide that delves into the remarkable healing potential of natural foods. In an era where wellness and holistic health are gaining prominence, this book offers a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their well-being through the choices they make in their diet.

The book commences by exploring the principles of nutrition and the pivotal role that food plays in our health. It emphasizes the notion that food can act as a form of medicine when consumed with mindfulness and strategy.

Readers are then taken on a journey through superfoods with each one meticulously examined. From staples such as leafy greens, berries, and nuts to known gems, like chia seeds, spirulina, and turmeric this book unveils the distinctive healing properties possessed by these foods. Each superfood is described in detail regarding its composition, historical background, and specific health benefits it offers.

“Super Healing Foods” goes beyond enumeration; it also provides guidance on seamlessly incorporating these foods into daily diets. Whether through recipes showcasing these superfoods or meal plans accompanied by cooking tips readers will discover insights to effortlessly make these superfoods a regular part of their meals.

The book also covers health issues and considerations providing knowledge on how specific foods can help prevent and manage illnesses. It highlights the significance of health by stressing the connection, between the mind and body advocating for an approach, to overall wellbeing.

This book is a valuable resource for individuals interested in improving their health through a holistic approach to nutrition. It covers a wide range of superfoods, which is particularly helpful for readers looking to incorporate them into their diets. The emphasis on practical guidance, such as recipes and meal plans, is a welcome addition, as it can make the transition more accessible. Furthermore, the book’s exploration of the mind-body connection and its focus on holistic health adds depth to its message. It is important to recognise that a nutritional diet is just one aspect of overall well-being, and the book seems to do an excellent job of highlighting this interconnectedness.

Exploring the healing properties of natural foods is not only interesting but also essential for promoting a healthier lifestyle. This book teaches how specific foods can contribute to our well-being and potentially help with various health issues. Did you know that kiwi fruit can help in dental health? It helps to reduce plaque build-up and keeps teeth and gums healthy with less brushing.

Overall, “Super Healing Foods” is a comprehensive and practical guide that can empower readers to make informed choices about their nutrition and take positive steps toward improved health and vitality.

– Nurshahafiqah Asli, Buildings Executive

“Strawberries provide twice the vitamin C and half the calories and fibre of raspberries. Like celery, strawberries are a good source of 20 different anti-aging trace minerals, including chromium, zinc, and selenium.” – Berries, page 41.

“What is the best way to turn the corner on healing? Put more carrots, squash, broccoli, and dandelion greens on the menu. All four are top-rated sources of beta-carotene, the pro-vitamin-A antioxidant that, says Michiaki Murakoshi of Japan’s Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, protects your DNA by inactivating the gene that promotes tumour growth and blocking the growth of malignant cells.” – Beta-Carotene, Page 45.

“Cold cereal is a just-as-healthy alternative if you choose the right ingredients. Best bets: sugar free, low or no sodium, minimally processed, additive-free flaked, puffed, nuggeted, or shredded biscuits from single or multigrain flakes (sold in health food stores and better supermarkets). Top with a low-fat skim milk or a non-dairy substitute milk. Add fruit, nuts, or seeds.” – Breakfast Foods, Page 53.

“Among the foods richest in life-extending, health-enhancing phyto-chemicals that protect all 10 of the body’s healing zones from cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and premature aging, broccoli is the undisputed star of the vegetable crisper and number one on the National Cancer Institute’s list of Nutritional all-stars.” – Broccoli, Page 59.

“Juice fasting is the fastest, safest way to lose 5- 10 pounds without sacrificing essential feel-good nutrients, such as the antioxidant vitamin C complex (the highest concentration on C is found in fresh juices), energizing potassium, calcium, and the anticancer, antitoxin antioxidants.” – Juices, Page 105.

“According to population studies by the National Cancer Institute, various chemicals in onions appear to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, especially in the gastrointestinal system, and fight against leukaemia.” – Onions, Page 143.

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