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Revisiting Vision 2020: Lessons & Resources

Vision 2020 has been described as a clearly articulated, bold, and audacious thirty-year goal for the nation. First articulated by our fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the vision laid out nine challenges for the nation.

Excerpted from ‘Malaysia – The Way Forward’, the full speech that introduced Vision 2020

The year 2020 has come and gone and while in the economic sense, our nation has progressed, Malaysia still falls short on the qualitative and distributive aspects of the vision. 

What lessons can be derived from Vision 2020? Here are a few current articles that reflect on the Vision that may offer some insights. 

2020 — a national milestone amid an economic crisis by Dr Nungsari Radhi 
“(Vision 2020) was never just about the level of per capita income. It was a comprehensive envisioning of what a mature, developed society should be, from societal norms to equitable economic outcomes.”

Lessons we can learn from Vision 2020 by Dr Khor Swee Kheng
“Two things remain timeless, however. One, Malaysians needed a uniting vision then, and we need one now. Two, all Malaysians have a duty to contribute to that vision.”

Malaysia’s Vision 2020 report card holds lessons for small nations by Tan Sri Dr Andrew Sheng (Paywall restricted)
“Was this breathtaking vision possible? In my opinion, definitely. How much of it has Malaysia achieved? It depends on whom you talk to… Like most emerging markets, Malaysia faces challenges in how to position itself in a world fraught with geopolitical tension.”

Vision 2020 betrayed: Wither Malaysia? by KS Jomo
“Yet, there is still potential in Vision 2020’s promise of a modern, industrialised, developed and united Malaysian nation. Despite responding to ethno-populism in Malaysia, Vision 2020, like its predecessors, also has the potential of transcending it.”

If you would like to read up on Vision 2020, from various perspectives, the Perdana Library recommends the following titles:

Vision 2020

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Vision & Leadership: Values and Strategies Towards Vision 2020

Michael Yeoh

Malaysia’s Vision 2020: Understanding the Concept, Implications, & Challenges

Ahmad Sarji

Mahathir’s Paradigm Shift: The Man Behind the Vision

Aziz Zariza Ahmad

Quo Vadis, Malaysia? Can we achieve Vision 2020 on time?

Ramon V. Navaratnam

Below are some articles and speeches on Vision 2020, that you might find interesting.

The National Congress Vision 2020: The Way Forward. A speech by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 29th April 1997

Of GLCs, Vision 2020 vs Siti Nurhaliza by A Kadir Jasin. Malaysian Business, 16th August 2005

Dr Mahathir: Vision 2020 within our reach by Firdaus Abdullah. News Straits Times, 28th August 2003

BN Must Rise Above Race to Shape Nation’s Future by Jason Gerald. News Straits Times, 25th June 2006