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Staff Pick: Her Voice – The Story of Malaysian Women

Name: Maizatul Kartini binti Kamaruldin
Book: Her Voice – The Story of the Malaysian Woman
Author: Vasanthi Ramachandran
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Publication Year: 2008
Book Language: English

Ms Maizatul Kartini poses with her Staff Pick; Her Voice – The Story of Malaysian Women


Her Voice is a chronicle of Malaysian women’s struggles, triumphs and achievements. 

The achievements of women are lost in the pages of history, through lack of documentation and recognition. More than 30 women have won the Nobel Prize. But how many are household names? Only a handful. In Malaysia, legends are rich with courageous women leaders and warriors. Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Raja Hijau and Siti Zubaidah ruled nations and let armies against foreign conquerors. But their stories remain insignificant in the annals of our nation.

The book touches on the Malaysian government’s recognition of women’s issues and the efforts of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in highlighting and addressing them as well as fighting to improve the status of Malaysian women. This book is an exhaustive and comprehensive account of the struggles of the Ministry as a string puller to ensure women are given their worth in society. This book which is dedicated to the women of Malaysia is ultimately about the women of Malaysia and their journey to achieve what they have now.


Would Malaysia ever have a woman as Prime Minister?

From the evidence this book presents, a woman in the top seat of Putrajaya is unlikely as women can go only so far in politics. On the surface, women face no legal limits on participation in government and politics and the government has devised policies for the advancement of women. The reality, however, is that while Malaysian women are making news as leaders and trailblazers, we are still behind countries like New Zealand, and even many of the Asian countries like Philippines, India and Indonesia, in terms of political representation. That being said, the achievements of women in other categories such as education and the professional sectors are encouraging.

The Malaysian Woman’s Story – Her Voice covers almost every possible issue of Malaysian women from all walks of life so that “Her Voice” is relevant to all Malaysian women. The women in this country have the capacity, the strength, the commitment, and the passion to be a good leader.

This book is both an inspiring read as well as a reference for readers and researchers who wish to understand women’s position in Malaysia better. It is also the resounding voice of past women leaders and the hopeful voice of our daughters.

  • Maizatul Kartini binti Kamaruldin, Senior Executive, Accounts and Events


1) “The road leading to the level of women advancement is still a long and winding road. The progress that women achieved globally and nationally within the last few decades though not complete, should be highlighted and celebrated.” – Dr Sharifa Nassir, Minister of Social Development of Oman, page 211

2) “If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a power such as the world has never known” – Matthew Arnold, 19th century British poet, page 43

3) “The good mother, the wise mother…is more important to the community than even the ablest man; her career is more worthy of honor and is more useful to the community than the career of any man, now matter how successful.” – Theodore Roosevelt, page 73

This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in reading or borrowing the book, please visit our Library here at Putrajaya, or contact us 03-88858961 (Library Counter).