Name: Lina Nabilah Binti Anuar
Title: Perak & The Malays: Sarong and Kris
Author: Major Fred. McNair (Late Royal Artillery)
Publisher: Silverfish Books Pte Ltd
Publication Year: 2019
Language: English

NOTE: This book is a re-issue. The original writing was released in 1878.

“PERAK AND THE MALAYS” discussed the writer’s observation of Perak and the Malays after spending over 20 years residing in the Straits Settlement. The writer made an effort to learn the Malay customs and manners and made a thorough research of the past history of the state. As readers go through the chapters, they will be able to learn about Perak in depth.

The chapters are arranged chronologically, all the way to the possible future of Perak. From the book, readers will be able to learn about the customs of the Perak people and the past encounters of Perak and the British colony. This book also contains the writer’s own opinions as well as valuable information derived from research. This book is a good read; it provides a descriptive journey into Perak’s history and seeing Perak from the point of view of an experienced colonial officer.

– Lina Nabilah Anuar, Assistant Librarian

“As it has taken time for the Malays who live under our government in the Settlements to become acquainted with the justice of our laws, and the firm and equitable collection of the revenue, with protection to life and property religiously insured on all hands, so must we expect that in Perak, and such other native states as we may take under our protection, there must be a great deal of tedious delay before we shall find the mass of the chiefs and people yielding due respect to the laws and institutions which are so adverse to their own, and which strike at the root of the profit and advantage which accrue to them as gained by fraud and oppression. It requires a display of great judgment, with a large amount of temper and patience, on the part of those who are deputed to the carrying out of these important duties, so that more by example and persuasion, than by the exercise of coercion, they should carry on their intercourse with the Malays.” – page 312

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