Name: Maizatul Kartini Kamaruldin
Book: A History of Malaysia
Author: Barbara Watson Andaya & Leonard Y. Andaya

A History of Malaysia provides a historical framework that helps explain the roots of the issues dominating Malaysian life today (this is the 3rd edition, published in 2017). The book includes recent research into pre-modern times and covers a range of disciplinary subjects in the humanities and social sciences. It’s a useful reference for anyone interested in the assessment of young, modernising nations, and particularly for readers who appreciate data and links to further reading.

“For those who love to read history, this book is truly a wonderful read, especially if you want to know more about Malaysia and its multicultural complexity. The chapters have been divided into periods (from sixteenth to twentieth century) with research and verifiable evidence included for a deeper understanding.”
– Maizatul Kartini Kamaruldin, Senior Executive, Accounts and Events

“To speak of a country’s future as being in the hands of the young may appear clichéd, but it is particularly relevant to Malaysia today where the range of educational institutions has increased so dramatically and where half the population in 2020 will be under the age of 29. Global communication and the remarkable expansion of the internet have provided Malaysia’s youth with unprecedented access to new sources of information that will be a key influence in shaping their attitudes and judgements. We can only hope that these developments will lead to greater understanding and tolerance, and that the next generation will be able to say with truth and confidence, as did the Tunku during a Malaysian Independence Day address in 1970: ‘We are all Malaysians. That is the bond that unites us”.

This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in reading or borrowing the book, please contact Ms Magdalena (03-88858968/ magdalena@perdana.org.my)