Name: Lina Nabilah binti Anuar
Book: Liberating the Malay Mind
Author: M. Bakri Musa

“Well written book with thought provoking ideas. The author analysed the Malay mindset and gave his own thoughts and opinions on how to improve it. The author also studied Malaysia’s past as well as current-day Malay’s obsession with “Ketuanan Melayu”, which he believes is what is causing Malays to be complacent and uncompetitive. Through this book, the author hopes to forge a way towards a self-sufficient Malaysia, which is able to turn crises into opportunities, and challenges into inspirations. For the reasons above, I chose this book as my November 2018 pick.”
–    Lina Nabilah, Library Assistant, Cataloguing & Indexing Unit

“A free mind cannot be willed upon; there is no magic wand out there. We have to strive hard – very hard – to liberate our minds, just as hard, if not more so, as we did in liberating our native land. It is a worthy and noble pursuit; a closed mind is the worst prison.”
We fail to appreciate these cruel realities because our minds are trapped into thinking otherwise; hence my call for Merdeka Minda Melayu. We must have a free mind to appreciate the stark realities we are under and not let our leaders delude us into thinking otherwise. We need a free mind.”


This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in reading or borrowing the book, please contact Ms Magdalena Lampas (magdalena@perdana.org.my/ 03-88858968)