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Each year, the Perdana Leadership Foundation held 3 editions of the Information Literacy Programme, and this year was no different. The final for this year took place several days ago on the 13th October 2018, here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. We invited over more than 100 students and teachers from 2 schools; SMK Kerdau, Pahang, and Asrama Anak-anak Yatim Damai Kuang, Selangor. We were also joined by 5 external volunteers for the programme.

Our guests arrived as early as 8.30 in the morning, and went straight to having their breakfast. They were then ushered to our auditorium hall where Ms Maizatul conducted the opening ceremony as the emcee. After an introduction of the Foundation to the guests, and the programme briefing, the students were separated into 12 groups; 9 for secondary school students, and 3 for primary school students.

The primary and secondary school students had different programme schedules. The younger students started their schedule with a quiz game hosted by their facilitators, where the groups were to answer the most questions correctly to win. Questions were on Malaysian Prime Ministers and history. They then proceeded with research on our past Prime Ministers, and presented their findings. Meanwhile, the secondary students started with a Website Quiz. For this individual quiz, each student was given a list of questions and had to find the on our website. The main agenda soon followed, where the groups knuckled down to research in our Library to answer the question posed to them.

The findings were presented in the auditorium in front of their fellow students and three judges; former headmaster Mr Liew Peng Kwai, IIUM lecturer Dr Aida Mokhtar, and professional trainer Mr Johan Irwan Kamarozaman (Leap Leadership Academy). After everyone had presented their work, the judges gave their opinions as well as advice for the students. Puan Zarina, General Manager of the Perdana Leadership Foundation, then delivered the Closing Address where she listed the main traits of the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia, YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, for the students to consider emulating; self-discipline, daily reading and writing, and healthy habits.

The ceremony then proceeded with the prize-giving for the students who were especially brilliant during their presentation. Hampers for the students were sponsored by One Caring Heart Malaysia, and other prizes including book vouchers, were sponsored by MPH Bookstores, and Tesco Malaysia Berhad. Before wrapping up the programme with some light refreshments, a group photo session was conducted in the lobby area of the Foundation. It’s safe to say that everyone went home happy, and motivated to face the future that lies ahead!


Website Quiz
1.    A. Luqman Nur Hakim (SMK Kerdau)
2.    Ahmad Soleh Sani (SMK Kerdau)
3.    Sarinah a/p Zainal (SMK Kerdau)
4.    Muhd Fakhruddin Hafiz (SMK Kerdau)
5.    Muhd Haikal Mohd Hatta (SMK Bukit Gading)
6.    Nurthariyah Zulkifli (SMK Kerdau)
7.    Nurul Izzah Anuar (SMK Kerdau)
8.    Nurul Sabrina Abd Raghani (SMK Kerdau)
9.    Nur Nikmatul Alisha Tajudin (SMK Bukit Gading)
10.    Kameela Kamisan (SMK Kerdau)

Information Literacy Programme
Group 5 from Asrama Anak-anak Yatim Damai Kuang won. Their members were:
1.    Adlina Aliya binti Azizi
2.    Daniel Naufal Azim
3.    Muhammad Haikal bin Mohd Hatta
4.    Noor Faradilla
5.    Nur Nikmatul Alisha binti Tajudin
6.    Sharifah Nor Syahirah bt Syed Muhaiya Din
7.    Wan Mohd Aidil Aqasha bin Abdullah
8.    Hafizan bin Muhammad Sugandi
9.    Fadhilah Izhar bin Tajudin

Best Presenter : Nur Diana Azwani Abdullah (SMK Bukit Gading)

PRIMARY SCHOOL CATEGORY (Asrama Anak-anak Yatim Damai Kuang)

Group 3 won. Their members were:
1.    Muhammad Daniel Haikal bin Abdullah
2.    Alya Syauqina Ardini binti Shamsuri
3.    Leeya Maisara binti Thein Zaw
4.    Muhammad Aiman Hazeq bin Sukiman
5.    Nurul Najwa Irdina binti Shaari
6.    Nor Fazryna Ramadhani binti Farry
7.    Muhammad Helmi bin Mohd Noor Effendi

Information Literacy Programme
Group 1 won. Their members were:
1.    Muhammad Arif Haikal
2.    Muhammad Hazif Wafi bin Muhammad Alif
3.    Sri Tri Putri binti Abdullah
4.    Siti Nur Izzati binti Zulkifli
5.    Muhammad Syarif Danish bin Amaram
6.    Sharifah Nor Syahimah binti Syed Muhaiya Din
7.    Muhammad Rayhan bin Abdullah

Best Presenter: Siti Tri Putri binti Abdullah


During the programme, we have also conducted a short interview of selected students to give their opinions on the programme. Click here to read about the interview.