Name: Magdalena Anak Lampas
Book: The Struggle for Malaysian Independence
Author: Dato’ Sri J.J Raj (Author)


The Struggle for Malaysian Independence” concentrates on the Emergency, as well as other events leading up to the independence of the country. The author, a retired senior policeman who served both before and after independence, traces the country’s history from a policeman’s perspective, from World War II until 2006. This book was written based on the author’s experience; hence the narrative style is personal, with many personal anecdotes inserted throughout. Malaysians will be able to appreciate the many unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives to give this country the freedom it craved.
–    Magdalena Anak Lampas, Transcriber


“Another feather in the cap for this great thinker and planner is that Tun Abdul Razak had the education of young Malaysians at heart. To this end, it is of interest to note that British authorities built about 2,000 schools in 100 years, Tun Abdul Razak built 3,000 schools in 10 years.

Today the result of Tun Abdul Razak’s vision is, the thousands upon thousands owing homes and with full bellies too. Many of the children from the New Villages and all over Malaysia are doing well in corporate and private sectors, and in the Political arena, such as Parliamentary Secretaries, Deputy Ministers and so on.

Tun Abdul Razak’s legacies will live on through generation of Malaysians.”


This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in borrowing the book, please contact Puan Magdalena (03-88858968/ magdalena@perdana.org.my)