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22ND MAY 2018

In the first week of Ramadhan, the Perdana Leadership Foundation organised the annual Majlis Berbuka Puasa with the Foundation’s Honorary President, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. This year, however, was the first ever Majlis Buka Puasa with Tun Dr Mahathir as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The ceremony was organised here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation on the 22nd of May 2018, with close to 300 guests attended.

Guests arrived as early as 5.30pm, eager to meet the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. There were a lot of familiar faces and the usual friends of Perdana, and some new ones as well. Distinguished guests include our Chairman, Tan Sri Azman Hashim; former Minister of Energy, Communications and Multimedia, Tan Sri Leo Moggie; Chairman of Berjaya Group, Tan Sri Vincent Tan; and many more.

At around 6.30 pm, Tun Dr Mahathir came down from his office and walk down the stairs towards the guests. Instantly, the atmosphere was electrified as everyone started to gather around him, trying to take photos with the man himself. Some were even lucky to get their whole family to have photos with the new Prime Minister. Tun Dr Mahathir spent about 20 minutes talking to his friends and fans, and there were certainly a lot of selfies taken.

As the Bilal recites the Azan, guests were treated with light refreshments to break their fast before heading to perform the Maghrib prayer. The meal continued immediately after that, until Isyak prayer and Terawih. Many of our guests stayed over until the very end. It was indeed a very lively ceremony as old friends coming together and catching up, and even new friends were made.

The Perdana Leadership Foundation wishes everyone Happy Ramadhan Mubarak to all our Muslim friends.