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26TH APRIL 2018

‘twas the day of the Great War. The four kingdoms of the Middle Age; knights, elves, wizards, and assassins, fought fiercely against each other to pursue victory. For with victory, the triumphant kingdom will gain rule over the other kingdoms, as well as the whole ancient land.

*more than a thousand years later*

Taking the spirit of the Middle Age, the Perdana Leadership Foundation organised its second Strategic Decision Making & Team Building Workshop with THE MAP, or THE MAP 2.0 to be short. THE MAP 2.0 was organised here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation on the 26th April 2018 with participants coming from Sime Darby Plantations, Ministry of Education Malaysia, and others.

As with the first THE MAP, the objective of this game-based workshop was to challenge and improve participants’ strategic decision making and team building skills. And so they were divided into 4 teams, each represented by a character from the Middle Age and each character with their own special abilities to help the participants during the gameplay.

THE MAP was facilitated by the creator, Mr James Leow from Priority Sky Sdn Bhd, who took the role of the Game Master/ Lord. After briefing the participants of the rules of THE MAP, the participants went on to face the challenges ahead. As the game progressed further, the harder it became and participants were faced with the reality of having to make difficult decisions, having others constantly trying to knock the team down, having other teams joined forces and leaving you behind, all while having to plan and execute the perfect strategy to win the game.

More than two hours of harsh yet fun gameplay, it was Team Wizard who emerged victorious. It could have been Team Assassin, but they were attacked non-stop towards the end thus making the way for Team Wizard to sneak past the other teams and roll the proverbial winning dice. After lunch break, the participants got together and discussed their strategies with the other teams. They identified what they did right, what they did wrong, and the turning point that determines their win or losses.

As the workshop ended a bit earlier than expected, the participants were given a tour of PLF; making their way to the lakeside beside and behind the building, and into the library as well as the gallery in the main lobby. A group photo session was conducted by the lakeside.

All in all, it was yet another successful session of THE MAP here at the Foundation. We hoped all our participants had fun during the workshop, and learned a few lessons that can be applied to their workplace.

As a bonus, some of the participants decided to stay around after the workshop ended to get a chance of meeting and taking photos with the Foundation’s Honorary President, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Their patience paid off when they met the man himself.