Name: Adnan Rizal bin Hj Haris@Harib

Book: Malaysia – A Pictorial History 1400 – 2004
Author: Wendy Khadijah Moore


“This book is full of historical photos of Malaya to Malaysia from 1400-2004. These beautiful and meaningful photos should be viewed by younger generations on how older generations lived and strived for independence for our country. The book shows the everyday lives of Malaysians, and the development of towns during the colonial period. Photos can tell us a thousand stories and it is up to each individual to interpret and evaluate. This book is filled with nostalgia and it’s why I chose this book for my Staff Pick for this month.”

– Mr Adnan Haris, Librarian, Collection Development Unit


“Photographs of grand colonial mansions and smartly-dressed inhabitants compared to those of early Malayan houses and their poorly clad dwellers reveal the gap that existed between the rich and the poor, and between the different races. The need for a nation to gain independence is perhaps more easily portrayed in photographs than through the words.”

 This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in borrowing or reading the book, please contact Ms Nabilah Rozali (nabilah@perdana.org.my/ 03-88858961) for further instructions.