23RD AUGUST 2017

Impressed with its huge potential, a game-based workshop was held here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation entitled “Strategic Decision Making & Team Building Workshop With THE|MAP: A Corporate Challenge Game.” On the morning of 23rd August 2017, participants arrived from various organizations such as Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa, Agrobank, Menteri Besar Incorporated, and many more.

The programme started with a welcome speech by one of our staff members, Mr Faridzuan. He then passed the floor to the facilitator of the programme, Mr. James Leow of Priority Sky Sdn Bhd. After a quick ice breaking session, a small exercise was conducted to boost the participants’ situational awareness which was needed later in the gameplay. After the exercise, participants were divided into four groups which represented four different characters, each with their own special ability, in THE MAP; wizard, knight, elf, and assassin.

Once the rules and the how-to of THE MAP were explained, the gameplay commenced. Participants ‘battle’ each other in a game of wits and strategies, alliance and betrayal, and risk and opportunities. After two and a half hours of gameplay, Team Wizard emerged as the winner, defeating the other teams with their bold strategy.

The workshop continued with a Reverse Learning session, where members of each team reflected and share their thoughts on what works and what don’t, and what best describes their lost or win with one word. Through this session, each and every participant learned the lessons which undoubtedly will be very valuable in their workplace and perhaps in life. The next and final learning curve of THE MAP was the Virtual Coach. Participants were a given a cut-out paper which they were then tasked to form an octahedron. 1 question was printed on each surface of the octahedron (except one). The questions were designed as a driving force or motivation for participants to move forward to their goals.

After lunch break, the programme continued with a Dialogue session on the topic of “Developing a Strategic Mindset” by Professor Emeritus Dato Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman. The dialogue highlighted on what it takes to be a leader with a strategic mindset, with a solution that is surprisingly easy to do with a little bit of motivation and determination.

The programme ended with a group photo session over at the lobby and light refreshments. The Perdana Leadership Foundation would like to thank Professor Emeritus Dato Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman for his insights on the matter, and especially to the participants from various organisations. We hope that the lesson learned is impactful and will bring benefit in the future.