On the morning of 9th May 2017, the Perdana Leadership Foundation received a walk-in visit by a group of Sudanese visitors. The visiting group consists of 5 Sudanese citizen, and 2 Malaysians who are actually local guides. The visit was led by PLF’s own Mr Adnan and Mr Faridzuan as the photographer.

Being a small walk-in visit, the tour went straight to the Perdana Library where Mr Adnan gave a brief introduction to the library and ultimately, the Foundation itself. Mr Adnan brought them to the rest of the library where the visitors had the chance to look around and even read some of the books available in our library collection.

The visitors however, requested that they were shown some sort of presentation as they were very much interested with the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Mr Adnan then led the visitors to our Multi Purpose Hall where our presentation takes place. During the presentation, the visitors had a lot of questions to be asked and the discussion session was very lively and informative as a lot of information sharing took place.

After the presentation ended, Mr Adnan brought them to the Perdana Gallery where the exhibits are on display. It certainly piqued their interest as they were very eager and excited to take photographs. The visit officially ended with a group photo session at the Foundation lobby.

Before the visitors went back home, Mr Adnan brought the visitors to the lakeside view of the Foundation where more photo sessions took place. It was a beautiful day outside and the visitors seemed to have enjoy the moment.