Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) organised the 20th Information Literacy Programme at PLF’s building in Putrajaya on 6th of May, 2017. PLF members welcomed a total of seventy-six students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Tasik Kesuma, aged ten to twelve, accompanied by five teachers.

This one-day programme started off with a briefing about PLF’s set-up by the Foundation’s librarian Mr Adnan Haris, followed by a briefing on the tentative programme by the emcee. The students were divided into eight groups guided by eight facilitators, with each group given a topic to tackle. The topics focused on the Malaysian’s Past Prime Ministers and Malaysian history such as the 13th May 1969 event and the Malayan Emergency.

The energetic participants began their first activity with the group activity, Info Hunt, in which they were given a set of questions. Guided by the facilitators, the participants immediately searched for the answers through PLF’s website and archive. The participants then proceeded with the second activity, Website Quiz, in which they were required to answer a set of questions individually based on PLF website.

The third activity started after the lunch break with the Information Literacy activity, in which two participants from each group were required to do a presentation based on the topics given earlier. The materials were already prepared beforehand, with the help of the facilitators. The presentations were judged by three judges, Tuan Haji Mohamad Isa, Mr. Saiful Anwar Redwan and PLF member, Miss Maizatul Kartini. All presenters performed excellently and attractive prizes were offered for best group presentations, best presenter, and also winners for each activity.

The programme continued with the prize giving ceremony. Below is the list of all the winners during the 20th Information Literacy Programme.

Info Hunt
1) Group 1
2) Group 3
3) Group 8
4) Group 6
5) Group 5

Website Quiz
1) Naurah Alya
2) Nurain Badrina
3) Auni Maziyah
4) Intan Suraya
5) Wan Siti Aisyah
6) Casendra Rubykha

Info Literacy Presentation
1) Group 1
2) Group 3
3) Group 6
4) Group 8
5) Group 2
6) Group 5
7) Group 7
8) Group 4
Best Presenter Award: Nur Ameera Farhana bt Zahari

Congratulations to all our winners. The programme finally ended with a photo session. Overall, the programme was a success and all participants had enjoyed themselves from the beginning until the end.