Yesterday, the Perdana Leadership Foundation was greeted with a surprise as visitors from Sudan came here for a walk-in visit. Luckily, visits and giving tours are one of our specialties and we managed to entertain our foreign visitors. Mr Adnan led the tour of Perdana Leadership Foundation and Mr Faridzuan as the photographer.

Upon arriving at the Perdana Leadership Foundation, the visitors were warmly greeted and welcomed by Mr Adnan and Mr Faridzuan, who then led the visitors our hall for a briefing session. Mr Adnan gave the visitors an introductory presentation to the Foundation and a brief history of Malaysia.

This visit however took a surprise turn of event when we are notified by the group leader, that most of our visitors did not understand English. The group leader then took charge, and translated Mr Adnan’s presentation to Arabic and things went back to normal. The group leader also helps translating to Arabic during our discussion and Q&A session. The Q&A session was especially very engaging and lively as the visitors had many questions and opinions to share with us.

After the session ended, Mr Adnan gave the visitors from Sudan a tour of our Perdana Library. They were very interested with our library collections, especially on Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers such as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The visit ended with a group photo session.