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We refer to the recent news reports which state the Government will be “asked to cease all forms of financial contributions to the (Perdana Leadership) Foundation including all allocation for its maintenance and also its employees provided for the running of the Foundation.”

The Foundation has had no funding from the Government related to its management and / or the staff employed by it. The Government’s involvement in the Foundation is purely as a Tenant of the tenanted premises for use as the office of the fourth Prime Minister for which the Government is paying the rentals. The Government is also responsible for the salaries of the civil service officers who are assigned to the former Prime Minister’s office located in the premises.

Given the right opportunity, the Foundation will, and can demonstrate the activities in which it has been involved since its inception in the year 2003, which include the collation of some twelve million pages of documents, a significant number of which are records of public speeches by all the Prime Ministers of this nation.

The Foundation believes that such materials will be of invaluable use to researchers as well as to our future generations, and reflective of the primary goal and objectives of the establishment of the Foundation.


About Perdana Leadership Foundation Established in the year 2003, Perdana Leadership Foundation is a non‐profit organisation dedicated to Malaysia’s leadership history, highlighting in particular the policies, strategies and contributions of Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers. The Foundation intends to become the premier institution for the study of Malaysia’s Prime Ministers and the central resource centre for research into national stewardship as well as a platform for reflection, debate, and discussion with distinguished figures in Malaysian leadership. The Foundation is located in Precinct 8, Putrajaya and its website is at www.perdana.org.my.

For enquiries, please contact: Tel : 03‐8885 8965 / 03‐8885 8953 / 03‐8885 8960 E-Mail: zarina@perdana.org.my / sri@perdana.org.my