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OUR Digital Preservation Initiative

Since 2005, the Perdana Leadership Foundation has been actively digitising documents and audio video materials related to the past Prime Ministers of Malaysia. These materials include speeches, books, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, audio and video.

Our primary objective is to create a digital repository which focuses on the leadership history of our country as well as wider national development and nation-building issues. Our digitisation initiative seeks to preserve, highlight and make more accessible the policies and directions pursued by our Prime Ministers and the major issues that they dealt with during their premierships. These materials exist in their current physical forms at various locations within the country.

Our digitisation efforts complement existing archiving efforts; we have established collaborations with the National Library of Malaysia and the National Archives of Malaysia and its related Memorials, where we digitise selected materials in their holdings and keep a copy of the materials in our archives (the source institutions also receive copies of the digitised materials). The digital materials are available at Perdana Library and are retrievable via our computer terminals or from our website for free.

To date, we have digitised more than 11 million pages of documents, or over 500,000 titles. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure that enable us to scan, OCR, index, store and publish our digital documents, and have also invested in a system to enable faster, more accurate searches through our archives.

Digitisation will continue to play a major role in our efforts to collect and preserve documents related to our Prime Ministers and their contributions towards nation-building. For this initiative to be sustained, our Trustees’ and the public’s support and contributions are vital.