According to Dr Mahathir, the capacity of women to learn is high. At the university level, it is usually better than in the case of men. He says women tend to be better at business too. If this persists, the power equation will change. Women will go on to dominate society unless the men wake up. He says it’s not that the men don’t have the capacity. If they work as hard as the women, the country’s economic growth will be faster. How about the youth? Their job, says Dr M is the acquisition of knowledge and skills as much as possible.

He recalls how when he was a young man who wanted to be taken seriously, he had to acquire qualifications first. So for six years he stayed away from politics to get his medical degree. He calls on the Malays youths to study hard. As much as he is a Malay nationalist, he does not believe that non-Malays should be barred from taking up university places if there are no serious Malay students to take up those places.