Dr Mahathir dishes out some hard truths about the state of the Islamic world. He says that if you look at the behaviour of some Muslims in many parts of the world, you might have the impression that Islam does not implant good values. You are seeing more and more acts of terrorism such as the kinds perpetuated by ISIS which involves the brutal killing of their helpless prisoners. These are not “Jihadists” he says but candidates for “Neraka” as they have gone against the teachings of Islam.

He says that many of the practices today, such as the stoning of people for committing sins is not what is prescribed in the Quran. Islam is a merciful and compassionate religion and in prescribing punishment, there must always be the element of justice, he stresses. Dr M also makes an argument that contrary to what some people believe, it is not always necessary to have four witnesses for a crime to be prosecuted but that circumstantial evidence may be permitted.