Thinking Through Malaysia: Culture & Identity in the 21st Century

Editor: Julian Hopkins & Julian CH Lee

Publisher: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, 2012

ISBN: 9789675832567

Call Number: 959.5 THI

A fascinating collection of essays exploring some of the lesser reported alleyway of current Malaysian life. .The wide range of topics include 1 – Locating ‘Mixed’ Identities in a Radicalised Society – Caryn Lim, 2 – Redefining ‘Malayness’: Expectations of Young Adult Malay Muslims – Dahlia Martin, 3- Power, Agency and the Tithe – Cheah Wui Jia, 4 – Negotiating Liberties and Boundaries of Malaysian Online Christian Expression: Case Studies – Tan Meng Yoe, 5 – From All-Blogs to Blog House Malaysia: SoPo Blogging, Journalism and Politics in Malaysia – Julian Hopkins, 6 – Examining the Exploitation of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Malaysia: Gender and National Policy Factors – Nadiah Ahmad, 7 – Solving Some of Shirley Lim’s Life Mysteries – Theresa Holtby, 8 – Asian Third Culture Kids: Growing Up in Malaysia – Abeer Yusuf and Batul Mohsinali, 9 – Parenting: Some Selected Narratives of Mothers – Ng Siow San, 10- The Homosexual Threat: Appraising Masculinities and Men’s Sexualities in Malaysia – Joseph Goh, 11 – Malaysian Rocks: An Introduction to the Contemporary Extreme Music Underground, 2010-2011 – Marco Ferrarese & Chinese Independent Music: Reisting and Negotiating with the Popular in Malaysia – Liew Shao Yi 216 pages.

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