The Making of Sabah, 1865-1941: The Dynamics of Indigenous Society

Author: D. S. Ranjit Singh

Publisher: University of Malaya Press, 2003

ISBN: 9831001648

Call Number: 959.521 RAN

what is becoming one of the modern standard works on Sabah during its formative period before World War II. The author is an established Malaysian history academic who has helf posts both inside and outside Malaysia. 342 pages including maps, tables, black and white plates, a glossary, bibliograpy and an index. The book’s chapters include 1- The Indigenous Peoples of Sabah: Classification and Distribution, 2 – The Suku, 3 – The Brunei Jajahan Structure on the West Coast, 4 – The Datu System on Sabah’s East Coast, 5 – The Genesis of Western Rule, 1865-1881, 6 – The Establishment of the British North Borneo Company, 7 – Indigenous Reaction to Company Rule and the Mat Salleh Uprisings, 1882-1903, 8 – Administrative Consolidation and the Rundum Rebellion, 1900-1915, 9 – Capitalist Enterprise and Indigenous Society, 1900-1941, 10 – The Strengthening of Indigenous Institutions of Authority, 1900-1941, 11 – The Native Chiefs’ Advisory Council, 1915-1941.

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