Taman Saujana: Dance, Drama, Music, and Magic in Malaya, Long and Not-so-long Ago

Author: Mubin Sheppard

Publisher: International Book Service, 1983

ISBN: 9679500012

Call Number: 790 SHE

The book is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect of Malayan performing arts: dance, drama, music, and magic.


The first section of the book explores the various traditional dances of Malaya. These dances are often associated with specific rituals or ceremonies, and they tell stories of Malayan history and culture. Some of the dances discussed in the book include the Mak Yong, the Wayang Kulit, and the Joget.


The second section of the book focuses on traditional Malayan drama. This type of drama is often based on historical events or stories from Malayan folklore. Some of the most famous Malayan dramas include the bangsawan and the Mak Yong.


The third section of the book explores traditional Malayan music. Malayan music is known for its use of pentatonic scales and its unique instruments, such as the rebab and the kompang.


The fourth and final section of the book explores the role of magic in Malayan culture. Magic is often used for healing purposes or to protect people from evil spirits. Some of the most famous Malayan magicians include the bomohs and the pawangs. Taman Saujana is an important resource for anyone interested in learning about the traditional performing arts of Malaya. The book is well-written and informative, and it provides a valuable insight into Malayan culture.

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