Sejarah Sabah dalam Gambar (1881-1981) / Sabah History in Pictures (1881-1981)

Author: Johan M. Padasian

Publisher: The Sabah Centenary Publications Committee; First Edition (January 1, 1981)


Call Number: 959.53 PAD

“Sejarah Sabah dalam Gambar (1881-1981)” or “Sabah History in Pictures (1881-1981)” is a book that provides a visual journey through the history of Sabah, a state in Malaysia. The book covers a period of 100 years, from 1881 to 1981, and showcases historical photographs, illustrations, and images that depict the development, events, and people of Sabah during that time. It offers readers a visual narrative of the state’s transformation, including its colonial history, cultural heritage, economic activities, and social changes. The book serves as a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the history of Sabah through a visual lens.

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