Bunga Rampai: Aspects of Malay Culture

Author: Mohd. Taib Osman, 1934-

Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kementerian Pelajaran, Malaysia, 1988


Call Number: 392 MOH

The book is divided into three parts:

The Malay Worldview: This part of the book discusses the core values and beliefs that underpin Malay culture.
Social Organization: This part of the book explores the social structure of Malay society, including families, communities, and institutions.
Cultural Expressions: This part of the book examines the various ways in which Malay culture is expressed, including art, music, literature, and dance.
Some of the key topics covered in the book include:

The concept of adat: Adat is a traditional Malay code of conduct that governs everything from social behavior to religious practices.
The importance of family and community: Family and community are central to Malay life, and individuals are expected to respect their elders and contribute to the well-being of the group.
The role of religion: Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, and it plays an important role in Malay culture.
The arts: The arts are a vital part of Malay culture, and they provide a way for people to express their creativity and identity.
The importance of preserving cultural heritage: The book argues that it is important to preserve Malay cultural heritage so that future generations can learn about their history and traditions.
Bunga Rampai: Aspects of Malay Culture is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Malay culture. It is well-written and informative, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the subject.

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