Being Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: The Authorised Biography

Author: Dato’ Wong Sulong

Publisher: Pelanduk Publications

Year: 2016

ISBN: 9789679789843

Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – Malaysia’s fifth prime minister – is probably the most misunderstood and maligned among Malaysian leaders. He was regarded as an accidental prime minister, yet he led his party to the biggest-ever general election victory in Malaysian history, only to be rejected by voters four years later. Now, Malaysians acknowledge that his relatively short rule was the springtime of Malaysian democracy. His firmness in ensuring a smooth and peaceful handover of power in the five states won by the opposition after the 2008 general election marked him as a courageous and principled leader. His legacy to Malaysia is substantial. In this book, journalist and author Wong Sulong traces the evolving public perception of this humble and remarkable politician and argues that a member of the Badawi family is now in the running for Malaysia’s top political job.

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