Union Jack Lowered in Malacca

On 30th August 1957, at exactly 6.30pm at Padang Banda Hilir, Malacca a momentous ceremony was held to lower the Union Jack flag. The lowering of the flag earlier than the stipulated termination phase end of the British rule in Malaya marked the end of British rule in Malacca for 133 years.

The flag was lowered by two sailors from a small warship, H.M.S. Saint Bride's Bay accompanied by the playing of the flutes. The Union Jack was then handed over to the Resident Commissioner; Mr. H.G. Hammett who had earlier took salute from the first Rhodesian Rifles battalion band. 

The historic ceremony signalling the freedom of Malacca and the whole of Federation of Malaya from Colonial rule was witnessed by thousands of people who flooded the Banda Hilir Field, Malacca. 

Union Jack Lowered

Lowering of the Union Jack at Padang Banda Hilir, Malacca. 30th August 2017
photo credit: National Archive of Malaysia (ANM)

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