TUN HUSSEIN ONN: Bapa Perpaduan; Father of Unity

TUN HUSSEIN ONN: Bapa Perpaduan; Father of Unity


Publisher: Arkib Negara Malaysia
ISBN: 9679120880
Year: 2006
Call Number: 923.259 ANM
This publication has been launched to coincide with the official opening of the Tun Hussein Onn Memorial. The epithet by which Tun Hussein is known - Father of Unity - reminds all of us of the importance of unity in a multi-racial country such as Malaysia. As we march toward 2020 we need to realize that the vision that we have set for ourselves can never be achieved without unity.
This publication is a small token of our appreciation for the Tun's tremendous services and contributions to the nation. It is intended to remind the present and future generations of Malaysians of the role played by the Tun in nation building.
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