Library Workshop: “Strategic Marketing Thinking for Librarians & Why Your Future Depends On It!”

Libraries have everything they need. The problem is that they don'tmarket it well while their competitors do. Today most libraries offer morecontent than ever before in history. Indeed, the average library offers todayat least 10 times more content than it could 20 years ago. Yet, the winner isthe World Wide Web with already 92% of college students starting theirsearch for content in Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube. The worldis moving toward open source on the web. For instances, already 30% ofJournals used by students are open source and it keeps growing. Further,library patrons end up using less than 15% of databases available at thelibrary. Thus, most databases acquired by librarians are not used enough. Totop it off, 98% of academic papers are rejected by publishers because of lackof originality. The result is a much lesser relevant library with mountingpressure to cut its budget because anyway people don't use its resourcesand prefer the open web.What can librarians do about it? How can libraries stay relevant in a digitalworld where information flows freely on the web and it is easier to search onpublic engines? How can libraries become a key tool for their universities toimprove their worldwide ranking? Answer: Marketing! In the workshop,librarians will be exposed to the fundamental principles of strategic marketingthat the most successful organizations in the world use to stay ahead of theircompetitors. Librarians will learn to apply them to the library environment.They will develop their own library brand mission with actionable steps. Theywill come away with a deep understanding of strategic branding, innovation, leadership and crowdsourcing applied to the library world.


  • Awareness of the dynamics that are changing the library's role in thefuture
  • Understanding of the unprecedented importance of marketing forlibraries
  • Learning the fundamentals of marketing, branding and innovationleadership and development of the "Library" brand mission and strategic drivers

No. of Pax: 37

Orgs: 18

Venue: PLF

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  • Perasmian Masjid Kampung Seri Bengkal, Batu Pahat
    Perasmian Masjid Kampung Seri Bengkal, Batu Pahat
    Tuesday, 24 October 2017

    "Saya bersyukur kehadrat Allah Subhanahu Wataala kerana dengan limpah rahmat dan izinNya dapat saya melakukan lawatan ke Kampung Seri Bengkal dan seterusnya merasmikan masjid di kampung ini."

  • Tun Hussein Onn's Speech During the Launch of Sekim Amanah Saham Nasional
    Tun Hussein Onn's Speech During the Launch of Sekim Amanah Saham Nasional
    Tuesday, 04 July 2017

    Pada 9hb. Januari yang lalu, saya telah mengumumkan rancangan bagi memindah-milik saham sektor syarikat yang dipegang oleh Kerajaan kepada Bumiputera. Berikutan dengan pengumuman itu berbagai persediaan telah dibuat bagi membolehkan Sekim Amanah Saham Nasional dilancarkan dalam bulan April. Pelaksanaan Sekim Amanah Saham Nasional pada hari ini, membawa kita setapak lagi ke hadapan, dalam usaha-usaha untuk memenuhi hasrat, dan mencapai matlamat Dasar Ekonomi Baru.

  • Upacara Pengisytiharan Malaysia 16 September 1963
    Upacara Pengisytiharan Malaysia 16 September 1963
    Monday, 25 September 2017

    Upacara pengisytiharan Malaysia telah diadakan di Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur pada 16 September 1963. Upacara gilang gemilang ini telah dihadiri oleh SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Raja-raja Melayu, Gabenor Pulau Pinang, Melaka, Singapura, Sarawak dan Sabah. Upacara ini juga dihadiri oleh anggota kabinet, diplomat asing di Kuala Lumpur serta jemputan khas.

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