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Fun and Learning with Under-Privileged Kids in Kajang

On 28th August 2016, the Perdana Leadership Foundation organized a Corporate Social Responsibility program at Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Yatim/Miskin Rukaiyah, a privately-run, registered orphanage at Sg Merab, Kajang. The event was a combination of Perdana Leadership Foundation’s corporate social responsibility program and Perdana Library’s 19th Info Literacy Programme. Around 20 children and teenagers, from the age of five to seventeen, participated in the programme which was coordinated by Librarian, Puan Afza Rosmi binti Sami.

The day began with a Zumba session led by library assistant Lina Nabilah. The 20-minute exercise broke the ice for the activities that followed. In conjunction with Merdeka month, the activities that were arranged included a historical quiz, an information hunt, spelling bee, and arts and crafts. The kids were divided into groups according to their age and each group had its own set of games and contests.

The price-giving ceremony was officiated by Puan Zarina Abu Bakar, the Foundation’s General Manager. Each child went home with a prize (or more!) so there were plenty of smiling faces all around. The Foundation also donated books to the Orphanage’s mini library and, to celebrate the upcoming Eid Al Adha, donated a cow to the orphanage.

This was the Foundation’s third CSR-Information Literacy event, and as always, it proved to be a fun learning and sharing experience for the programme’s young participants as well as for staff of PLF.  

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