Staff Pick: Enhancing Personal Quality (August)

Staff Pick: Enhancing Personal Quality (August)

Name: Maizatul Kartini Kamaruldin
Book: Enhancing Personal Quality
Author: Ranjit Singh Malhi & Robert W. Reasoner

" This book is extremely useful for anyone desiring to develop positive personal attributes, improve human relations skills, and attain superior work performance. It contains well-researched and practical work which brings new insights into the field of personal quality. Besides theory, it provides practical guidelines and a comprehensive blueprint for the journey to achieve personal excellence. This book is truly a wonderful read for friends of Perdana who aspire to become peak performers."
-    Maizatul Kartini Kamaruldin, Senior Executive, Accounts and Events


“Take pride in everything you do. Your work is a direct reflection of you.”

This book is available at the Perdana Library. If you are interested in reading or borrowing the book, please contact Ms Magdalena (03-88858968/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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