Maybank Perdana Writing and Photo Contest Winners 2015

We launched our Maybank Foundation - Perdana Leadership Foundation Writing and Photo Contest "Empowering Youth for a Better ASEAN" in June 2015 to invite young Malaysians between the ages of 13 and 21 to compose their opinions, whether in the form of essays, stories or photo-essays, on subjects such as "Courage", "Leadership", "Volunteerism", "ASEAN Youth in Action" and "Heroism". Our objective was to encourage and reward the clear and creative articulation of ideas, within the wider objective of nurturing future leaders. ​We received thousands of entries for the contest, with the response being especially enthusiastic for the Writing category (both Fiction and Non-Fiction). After extensive evaluation by our team of judges, we have determined the worthy winners from among the entrant​s.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Our prize giving ceremony is taking place on 27th January 2016.

Thank you to all the young writers and photographers who submitted entries for this contest, as well as to the parents, teachers, and lecturers who encouraged participation!

Click on a category to view the winners list (PDF)

1. Top Three Winners (All Categories)
2. Fourth to Tenth Place Winners (All Categories)
3. Consolation Prize Winners: Fiction / 13-17 Years Old
4. Consolation Prize Winners: Essay / Non-Fiction / 13-17 Years Old
5. Consolation Prize Winners: Photo-Essay / 13-17 Years Old
6. Consolation Prize Winners: Fiction / 18-21 Years Old
7. Consolation Prize Winners: Essay / Non-Fiction / 18-21 Years Old
8. Consolation Prize Winners: Photo-Essay / 18-21 Years Old
9. Institution Winners

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