Welcome to Perdana Library

Welcome to Perdana Library

The Perdana Library was launched on 29 April 2004 by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with the aim to become one large, coherent, research library providing integrated information services and collections on the nation’s policies, strategies and initiatives that were adopted under the various Prime Ministers of Malaysia.

The library is the core of the Perdana Leadership Foundation to provide a means for Malaysians to understand our national ethos and drawing lessons from the past to chart the course for a better future. It house records of contributions by past Prime Ministers in terms of the economic, social and political development of the nation.

Perdana Library has also been set up to provide a platform for the public to understand and appreciate the course taken by Malaysia in creating a nation out of the diverse ethnic, religious and cultural elements of the country’s population. It serves as a repository of works and documents related to the policies, strategies and initiatives adopted by Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers.

To date, the Perdana Library has more than 10,000 items in a multilingual and multiformat collection, having started with only 2,000 volumes of books when it began in early 2004. The collection emphasises contemporary information resources on various subjects on Malaysian leadership, includes works on the following subjects:

  • Past Federal Cabinet Ministers
  • Events connected to the various Prime Ministers
  • Policies, strategies and initiatives that were adopted under the various Prime Ministers
  • Malaysian political parties (both government and opposition)
  • De-classified government documents
  • Unpublished works.

We are still building up our collection of books, news clippings, speeches, policy papers, biographies, video footage and sound recordings to become the premier resource centre on Malaysia’s history of nation-building. To enrich resources, Perdana Library has established collaborations with institutions such as the National Library, National Archives, UUM and UiTM, and is keen to forge alliances with more organisations. Materials we collect are digitised and are accessible through the Library’s web OPAC.

Library with Wi-Fi
Perdana Library provide free Wireless Internet Access to Laptops and PDA users around the building. 

Library Tours
Guided tours are available at the Perdana Library. Group guided tours can be arranged through the Librarian. For more information, please contact our officers at +603-8885 8954 / 8940 / 8956

Library Operating Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9.00AM - 5.30PM
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

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