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Resource Highlights

We are constantly adding to our collection of books and journals on national leadership and national issues. Listed below are just some of the latest additions to our bookshelves. If you are looking for a particular book, speech or article, please use our search engines (Google) or OPAC or contact our librarians, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The Wit & Wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew

Author: Lindsay Davis, ed.

Publisher: Edition Didier Millet

ISBN: 978-981-438-5282

Year: 2013

Lee Kuan Yew played the pivotal role in Singapore's transition from British Crown Colony to independent developing nation, and on to the economically powerful and diplomatically influential city-state it is today. Throughout this surprising and at times painful journey, he has proved a charismatic and occasionally controversial leader. Lee is a conviction politician whose speeches are unambiguous, characterful and eminently quotable; this collection of almost 600 short quotations provides a compelling summary of his views on a wide range of topics from Singapore's past, present and future. In Lee's own words: "I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind."


Dark Spring: Essays on the Ideological Roots of Malaysia’s GE-13

Author: Azly Rahman

Publisher: SIRD

ISBN: 978-967-583-2888

Year: 2013

“Azly Rahman’s Dark Spring is a book about evolution. He has strived to take us out of the shadows of Plato’s cave, into the freedom of an emancipated Malaysian society free of hegemony, repression, and suppression. However, as Azly has eluded, there is so much to do in Malaysia if the country is going to re-vegetate the barren lands that have been stripped for decades, and regenerate the Malaysian mind to face the emerging national and global challenges ahead.

Malaysia must move from a rent-seeking ‘feudal-cracy’ benefitting the few, to a modern and progressive society where sustainability and adaptation rather than corruption and the rape of wealth from the premise behind public policy and administration, by people who are truly altruistic and patriotic to the land we know as Malaysia.

This Malaysian reckoning is avant-garde, but at the same time it is proudly very traditional, deeply attached to rewritten historical narratives of shared heritage.

This is one of the most insightful contributions to the sociology of Malaysian society and should be read by all who have a stake in the country’s future. …” 
-Murray Hunter


Technology and Entrepot Colonialism in Singapore, 1819-1940

Author: Ghoh Chor Boon

Publisher: ISEAS

ISBN: 978-981-441-4081

Year: 2013

How did imported technology contribute to the development of the colony of Singapore? Who were the main agents of change in this process? Was there extensive transfer and diffusion of Western science and technology into the port-city? How did the people respond to change? Examining areas such as shipping, port development, telegraphs and wireless, urban water supply and sewage disposal, economic botany, electrification, food production and retailing, science and technical education, and health, this book documents the role of technology and, to a smaller extent, science, in the transformation of colonial Singapore before 1940. In doing so, this book hopes to provide a new dimension to the historiography of Singapore from a "science, technology and society" perspective.


Clash of the Titans: Analisa Isu dan Keputusan PRU13

Author: Riduan Mohamed Nor, ed.

Publisher: Jundi Resources

ISBN: 978-967-596-8174

Year: 2013

Riduan Mohamad Nor adalah calon PAS di P033 Parlimen Besut dalam PRU 13. Beliau telah menapak dalam PAS daripada cawangan sehinggalah ke peringkat Dewan Pusat PAS Pusat. Melalui wadah perjuangan Islam inilah beliau menghabiskan sebahagian besar umurnya, PAS sebagai Universiti kedua yang memberikan ilmu, mematangkan pengalaman, menajam tahap intelektual, merasai dihargai sebagai manusia, menghirup sejuta satu makna kehidupan dengan kepelbagaian latarbelakang ahli dan kepimpinannya. Beliau telah mengarang 42 buku pelbagai tajuk. Riduan percaya bahwa masyarakat melayu hanga akan berubah dengan ilmu dan pencerahan akal.


India and Malaysia: Intertwined Strands

Author: Veena Sikri

Publisher: ISEAS

ISBN: 978-981-437-9946

Year: 2013

This book offers a panoramic yet in-depth historical analysis of the inter-linkages between India and Malaysia, which are a microcosm of the much larger relationship between South Asia and Southeast Asia, as these have evolved for more than two millenia. Both regions shared rich traditions, first of their Hindu and Buddhist, and later of their Islamic heritage. Till the arrival of European colonialists about five hundred years ago, the people of South and Southeast Asia interacted freely and peaceably. Trade, religion and culture were the leitmotifs of this interaction, and technological prowess in shipbuilding its mainstay.

By the end of the eighteenth century, colonial machinations, including the forced demise of India’s shipbuilding industry, had impoverished large swathes of people across South and Southeast Asia, and severely restricted their interaction. Indentured labour and convicts, overseers and foremen, railway workers and members of the police force: these were the categories that served the interests of the colonial power. The book documents in chilling detail the tribulations faced by the enormous movement of manpower between India and Malaysia.


Rhetoric and Realities: Critical Reflections on Malaysian Politics, Culture and Education 

Author : Zaharom Naim

Publisher: SIRD Centre

ISBN: 978-967-583-2796

Year: 2013

Malaysia’s political landscape became infinitely more interesting after the election of March 2008. For the first time since independence, the emergence of two coalitions offered the prospect for genuine contestation over the future direction of society and politics.  Since then, the Barisan Nasional government has gone into overdrive in making far-reaching promises to the people, framed by the twin discourses of ‘1Malaysia’ and ‘transformation’. 


A Voice in the Woods: A Discussion on the Malaysian Political Scenes 

Author : Shaari Isa

Publisher: Utusan Publications

ISBN: 978-967-612-6221

Year: 2013

 In this book the author brings the readers back to Malaya's and Malaysia's formative years. Written in the new journalism/novelist style, he stressed that the book is only written for those who love Malaysia and Malaysians. He analysed the nation's success in terms of political stability provided by a unique political system which had enabled Malaysians made up of the different races and creeds to enjoy the peace of mind that is rare in many countries.


Cerita Kak Wan: Citra Pesona Seorang Wanita

Author : Zahiruddin Maidin

Publisher: Creative Electic

ISBN: 978-967-118-1706

Year: 2013

Cerita Kak Wan lahir daripada suara seorang wanita yang dikentalkan oleh dugaan.
Meskipun beliau pernah berada di puncak – Kak Wan tetap menjadi seorang Kak Wan, sikit pun tak berubah. Dan apabila puncak tersebut diruntuhkan – beliau masih lagi seorang Kak Wan. Kak Wan bercerita tentang kenangan, idealisme, malah suka mdan duka yang beliau lalui. Kini, Citra Pesona Seorang Wanita diluncurkan untuk ditelusuri bersama. 


Ask for No Bullshit, Get Some More!

Author: Kee Thuan Chye

Publisher: SIRD

ISBN: 9789675832727

Year: 2013

No-nonsense writer Kee Thuan Chye is back exposing more bullshit in the Malaysian political realm. His pen is as sharp as ever as he slices the lies to bits. Najib Razak, Hishammuddin Hussein, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Mahathir Mohamad, Perkasa, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Election Commission, PTPTN, Chua Soi Lek, Utusan Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat, even the police — hardly anyone is spared. To get a sense of the current political state, every Malaysian should read this book.

Among its contents are:
• Lament of a Stressed-out Minister
• Storm the Barricades
• BN Could Suffer for Attack on Students
• The Police Must Act Against Perkasa
• How Do You Stop LGBTs from Becoming MPs?
• Another Cock-and-Bull Story from Mahathir
• What Everyone Should Know About Operasi Lalang
• God, Comedy and the Umno General Assembly
• The Message of Bersih 3.0 Must Be Heard
• Anwar’s Acquittal and the 901 Rally
• Was Shahrizat’s Act Really a Sacrifice?

My purpose in putting this new book together is to point out the dirt so that we can, hopefully, get rid of it and, in the longer run, help bring about a better Malaysia. I have no doubt many of us want that — a better Malaysia that is well governed, that is not progress-retarded because of corruption, that has a place for everyone. It’s up to us, really, to decide how we can help make this come about. One of the basic ways is to vote wisely for the right leaders, another is to take an active part in making them listen to us. It all amounts to taking responsibility for our country — and that is something all of us should do.— Kee Thuan Chye


Transformasi Politik: mendaulatkan hak asasi serta demokrasi pemerintahan rakyat untuk rakyat

Author: Najib Razak

Publisher: ITNM

ISBN: 9789830689647

Year: 2012

Ledakan teknologi maklumat telah mengubah fenomena global secara total, sekali gus menjadikan era hari ini sebagai satu tempoh yang tidak lagi membolehkan pentadbir negara memonopoli ilmu dan kebijaksanaan. Internet yang awalnya dicipta bagi berfungsi sebagai sumber maklumat, kini boleh bertukar menjadi senjata yang berkuasa mengubah landskap politik serta sosial sesebuah negara. Hakikatnya, politik cara lama dan keengganan berubah selari kehendak rakyat teramai berisiko membawa padah. Justeru, buku ini mengupas satu antara cabang transformasi penting dalam kitar perubahan yang sedang dilaksanakan kerajaan Malaysia hari ini iaitu transformasi politik membabitkan undang-undang negara. Ringkasnya, buku ini menjustifikasikan apa pentingnya Malaysia berubah dan apa bahaya menunggu jika kita memilih untuk kekal konservatif.


Konflik Politik Perkauman : Strategi dan Penyelesaian Cara Malaysia

Author: Mohd Fitri Abdul Rahman, Mohd Foad Sakdan

Publisher: Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka

ISBN: 9789834612115

Year: 2013

Parti Barisan Nasional (BN) (1947) yang bermula dengan Perikatan (1953) Berjaya menerajui kerajaan Tanah Melayu dan Malaysia sejak tahun 1957 lagi. Parti besar berasaskan permuafakatan pelbagai kaum ternyata begitu kukuh dan berupaya mengungguli pentadbiran kerajaan Malaysia sehingga hari ini. Barisan Nasional Nasional juga berupaya memacu Malaysia kea rah sebuah Negara maju yang berdaya saing dan begitu terkenal di persada antarabangsa. Barisan Nasional memenangi pilihanraya demi pilihan raya walaupun mendapat saingan sengit daripada parti pembangkang. 


Leadership 2.0

Author : Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Publisher  : Talent Smart

ISBN : 9780974320694

Year  : 2012

Based on a decade-long study that separated the skills that produce outstanding leadership performance from those that are inconsequential or harmful, Leadership 2.0 introduces readers to the power of Adaptive Leadership Skills. In a concise, how-to format, Leadership 2.0 introduces readers to the power of Adaptive Leadership and shows how any leader can use these skills to become great. The book includes online access to the bestselling leadership 360-degree test, 360 Refined, the results of which shows readers which skills they need to work on most


Perjalanan Ke Arah Satu Malaysia

Author : Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

Publisher : Zubedy Publications

ISBN: 9789671109915

Year : 2012

PERJALANAN untuk menyatupadukan masyarakat berbilang kaum adalah suatu perjalanan yang berliku-liku. Namun dalam usaha kita ke arah Satu Malaysia, PERJALANAN mengetengahkan beberapa hujah teras: kepentingan untuk memahami cabaran-cabaran perpaduan dalam konteks latar belakang negara kita, serta kunci penyelesaian yang berpandukan keadilan yang menyeluruh. Mesej yang disampaikan adalah jelas – perpaduan kaum bukan suatu destinasi, tetapi PERJALANAN yang harus kita terus iltizamkan untuk membaiki hubungan antara kaum dari masa ke semasa.


Art of Deception : Amerika, Freemason, Zionis

Author: Jerry D. Gray

Publisher : PTS Islamika

ISBN : 9789673661473

Year : 2012

Perbahasan mengenai apakah agenda Amerika dan Zionis mewujudkan satu kuasapemerintahan dunia atau dikenali sebagai New World Order. Membongkar misteri yang menyeliputi peristiwa 9 September dan kenapa ia berlaku. Juga bagaimana menangkis fahaman Islamphobia yang menyatakan Islam adalah agama pengganas dan memberi jawapan kepada dunia yang termakan hujah-hujah yang tidak berasas. Bagaimana al-Quran memberikan jawapan dan paparan sebenar oleh Jerry D. Gray, mualaf yang berhijrah selepas melihat sendiri penipuan yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin negaranya sendiri, Amerika Syarikat.


Najib Razak : Pemacu Transformasi Negara

Author: Kamarudin Hussin

Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Malaysia Perlis

ISBN: 978-967-541-5548

Year: 2013

Buku ini sangat berbeza daripada buku-buku lain yang pernah di tulis mengenai Najib Tun Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke 6. Pertama, buku ini menelusuri pemikiran Najib di sepanjang pemerintahan beliau daripada 2009 hingga awal bulan Mac 2013 berdasarkan ucapan-ucapan yang dibuat. Kedua, penelusuran ini dibuat berdasarkan pemikiran para saintis dari pelbagai bidang secara objektif dengan menggunakan pendekatan analisis yang wacana. 


Violence Against An Ethnic Minority in Malaysia : Kampung Medan,2001

Author : S. Nagaraja

Publisher : Suara Inisiatif

ISBN : 9789671142615

Year : 2012

This is the first publication on the racial violence that was unleashed by organized thugs

against ethnic Indians at Kampung Medan, Petaling Jaya which started on March 8, 2001. For this racial violence to happen more than thirty years after "May 13" is a scandal and an indictment of Malaysia's modern day instituations which are still steeped in racism and racial discrimination. Just as the "May 13" program was allowed to go on for weeks in 1969 when it should not have been nipped in the bud right at the start, the Kampung Medan violence should not have been allowed to go on for as many days as it did. Clearly, there is a serious credibility problem surrounding our law enforcement and security forces. Eye witness accounts show that in some of the racial attacks there, the police just stood by without stopping and apprehending the thugs.

In recent years, a pattern has emerged of ethic Indians who are a minority community in this country (less than 10% of the total population) finding themselves the majority in official statistics on deaths in police shootings. These facts reflect the racist portrayal of the marginalized Indian community in the state institutions. S.Nagarajan & K.Arumugam have written this important record of another tragic and shameful episode in our country's history, looking at witnesses' accounts, views by academics, politicians as well as civil society and putting forward well-argued conclusions. But their efforts will be in vain if Malaysians society does not learn the lessons of this episode: We have to redress the human rights issues that reamin unresolved in this country and reform the institutions to ensure that "Kampung Medan" and "May 13" never happen again.


Indian Transmigrants : Malaysian and Comparative Essays

Author : Ravindra K. Jain

Publisher : SIRD

ISBN : 9789675832246

Given the range, intensity and magnitude of contemporary transnational migrations, it seems entirely appropriate to designate this ‘world on the move’ as comprising, from our point of view, of Indian transmigrants. The movement and global adaptations of this population are spread beyond single home and host societies to multiple locales both vertically and horizontally. Ravindra Jain’s empirical studies in this book radiate from the vicissitudes of migrants from India to Malaysia on to those in the Caribbean and further on to Australia. The spectrum of globalization in our times necessitates comparisons over still larger territories; therefore, while focusing on particular Indian transmigrants, East and West, Jain’s perspectival vision encompasses the entire field of modern Indian diaspora. As a pioneering and singularly wide-ranging narrative of the diaspora, based primarily on the author’s fieldwork, this book unravels facets of socio-cultural pluralism, hybridization, ethnic movements, politico-economic mobility and global modernity over a vast territory. The rich ethnographic detail is interleaved throughout with acute analysis and interpretation. The methodology adopted here invites comparisons over a still wider terrain and is therefore of immense relevance to all students of globalization, international migration, socio-cultural transformation and political economy in the new millennium, with special reference to the Asia-Pacific region.


Islam in Malaysia : Perceptions & Facts

Author : Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin

Publisher : Matahari Books

ISBN : 9789834484576

Year : 2011

While still in his 30s, Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, former Mufti of Perlis, earned a reputation as a popular, and sometimes controversial, public intellectual on the subject of Islam in Malaysia. This collection of his articles seeks to identify and celebrate the true Islamic essence of simplicity, rationality and justice; and to separate it from superstition, prejudice and taklid (blind adherence) to self-serving 'religious' leaders. Told in a forthright style, but spiced with wit and contemporary allusions, it takes many examples from the Quran and Sunnah to show that it is up to Muslims to rescue their faith from being dominated merely by reactionary and conservative forces.


Beyond The Blue Gate: Recollections Of A Political Prisoner

Author : Teo Soh Lung

Publisher : SIRD

ISBN : 9789810882150

Year : 2010

Singapore lawyer Teo Soh Lung has written this careful account of her experiences and

feelings when detained in Whitley Detention Centre 21 from May 1987 to 6 September 1987, and from April 1988 to 1 June 1990. Accused of involvement in the alleged "Marxist Conspiracy", Soh Lung discusses many legal aspects of the case, including Singapore's banning of London QC Anthony Lester and her various Appeal attempts. She tells of the regime and her physical and emotional suffering, as well as the strategies and beliefs which enabled her to retain her integrity and balance in circumstances intended to subdue her. Relevant official documents are appended.


The Palestine Nakba : Decolonising History, Narrating the Subaltern,

Reclaiming Memory

Author : Nur Masalha

Publisher : Zed Books

ISBN : 9781848139701

Year : 2012

2012 marks the 64th anniversary of the Nakba-the most traumatic catastrophe that ever befell Palestinians. This book explores new ways of remembering and commemorating the Nakba. In the context of Palestinian oral history, it explores ‘social history from below’, subaltern narratives of memory and the formation of collective identity. Masalha argues that to write more truthfully about the Nakba is not just to practice a professional historiography but an ethical imperative. The struggles of ordinary refugees to recover and publicly assert the truth about the Nakba is a vital way of protecting their rights and keeping the hope for peace with justice alive. This book is essential for understanding the place of the Palestine Nakba at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the vital role of memory in narratives of narratives of truth and reconciliation.


Membina Bangsa Malaysia

Author : Aida Idris & Abu Hassan Abdullah, ed.

Publisher : SIRD

ISBN : 9789675833468

Year : 2012

Hasil kolaborasi enam orang penulis akademik dan bukan akademik, buku ini merupakan suatu usaha untuk mengupas cabaran dan hala-tuju rakyat Malaysia dalam membina identiti sebagai sebuah bangsa dari pelbagai aspek kenegaraan.Aziz Bari memberi analisa kritikal tentang undang-undang, hak asasi manusia dan demokrasi; sementara kebebasan media dan maklumat serta potensi teknologi baharu dibicarakan oleh Ooi Heng.Aida Idris merumuskan perkembangan serta masa depan ekonomi, manakala Dinsman merenung perkembangan senibudaya dari perspektif seorang aktivis.Permasalahan kepimpinan remaja dalam masyarakat multi-etnik ditinjau oleh Abu Hassan Hasbullah, dan akhir sekali Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh membincangkan suatu pendekatan holistik mengenai modal insan dan pembangunan sumber manusia.

Diharap penerbitan buku ini akan mencetuskan perbahasan yang sihat dan konstruktif untuk memajukan tanahair dan membina bangsa Malaysia, terutamanya dalam situasi di mana terdapat usaha di kalangan sesetengah pihak untuk memecah-belahkan perpaduan bangsa. Sememangnya, tanpa perbincangan yang jujur lagi terbuka, agak sukar bagi kita maju bersama.


Kuala Lumpur at War 1939-1945

Author : Andrew Barber

Publisher : Karamoja

ISBN : 9789834337247

Year : 2012

This book is about the experience of war on Kuala Lumpur. This is not a “military historya” in the sense that there was very little fighting either when the Japanese entered the city in January 1942 or when the British returned in September 1945. Rather, the focus of the book is on how conflict, the Japanese occupation and the return of the British impacted on the city and its people. The three years and eight months of Japanese governance wrought huge change, and were a tilting point in the history of Malaya. As the capital city, Kuala Lumpur was a central player in these changes. This is a story of those years…


A History of Sino-Malaysian Interactions

Author : Zhou Wemin & Tang Lingling

Publisher : Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies

ISBN : 9789833908172

Year : 2011

This book brings into one volume the history of two thousand years of interaction between China and Malaysia. This is probably the most comprehensive book available on this topic. It discusses interesting topics ranging from the history of the monsoon trade, tributary trade, the great Chinese admiral Zheng He’s voyage, the friendly relations between early Melaka and China, the relations between China and the Malay Peninsula during the Colonial Era, Sino-Malaysian interactions during the Pacific War, the Malayan Independence, to the establishment of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations in 1974. This book will be of interest to both scholars and the general public and may be used as a textbook for related courses.


Mat Indera : Petualang atau Pejuang

Author : Dr. Muhaimin Sulam

Publisher : Jundi Resources

ISBN : 9789675968365

Year: 2012

Siapakah Mat Indera? Buku ini menawarkan beberapa perspektif mengenai Mat Indera yang pernah menjadi kontroversi. Polemik sama ada Mat Indera seorang pejuang atau pejuang tidak akan selesai tanpa melibatkan kajian yang lebih terperinci. Penulis membawa latar belakang suatu sejarah itu dinukilkan dan bagaimana melihat sejarah silam dengan perspektif semasa. Buku ini berusaha menjadi sebahagian daripada usaha-usaha tersebut. Menariknya buku ini kerana dipersembahkan dalam bentuk yang santai tetapi tetap mengekalkan standard sebuah kajian. Ini adalah buku pertama Dr Muhaimin Sulam selepas kembali ke tanah air penghujung tahun 2010. Sebelum ini beliau melanjutkan pengajian PhD di University of Wales Trinity St. Davis, UK dalam kajian kepemimpinan politik. Semasa di UK, beliau sempat menulis dua buku antologi puisi dan cerpen terbitan GLKN. Sekarang beliau mengajar di salah sebuah university tempatan di samping menjadi kolumnis akbar dan terlibat dalam beberapa kajian tentang politik Malaysia.

  • Pak Lah A Sense of Accountability an insight into effective stewardship
  • ARRESTED REFORM: The Undoing of Abdullah Badawi
  • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: perjalanan politik PM ke-5
  • ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI: jalan ke puncak
  • MEMBAWA PERUBAHAN: Himpunan Ungkupan Bestari Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
  • Abdullah Administration: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & His Government from Sun Tzu's Perspective

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