“Prepare the umbrella before it rains.” Malay Proverb 

Economists and financial experts are predicting an imminent global financial crash, of equal or greater severity than the 1997 crisis, from which Malaysia recovered thanks to incisive policy decisions. The macroeconomic discipline imposed during the 1997 crisis helped Malaysia to weather the 2008 financial turmoil and Malaysia was spared the worst effects of the crisis but that does not mean that we would be well protected from the effects of another meltdown.

The warning signs of another crash are present: speculative, bubble-inducing money inflows into emerging markets, including Malaysia, as a result of US quantitative easing policies; rising property prices due to low interest rates; record high household debt and public debt to GDP ratios; and a persistent budget deficit due to various government economic stimulus packages. These elements are also in play in other South East Asian countries as well as in China, India and Brazil, increasing the likelihood of a global financial contagion. Other possible triggers could be a global currency war as other currencies attempt to replace the US dollar as the dominant trade currency, a significant sovereign debt default and geo-political eruptions.

Is Malaysia strong enough to withstand another major economic collapse? What steps can we take now to strengthen our economy against the onslaught of a crash?

To address these concerns, Perdana Leadership Foundation is organising its sixth flagship CEO Forum on the 24th of September in the prestigious Berjaya Times Square Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Once again, more than thirty Malaysian CEOs and industry experts will give their opinions on a wide range of issues that include the signs and portents of a global crisis, the importance of ASEAN, Malaysia’s resilience score-card, practical defensive action for Malaysian companies, and high-resilience industries for 2015 and beyond in an event that promises stimulating exchanges and fresh insights. This key Forum aims to highlight the warning signs of a crisis and what can be done to minimise the adverse effects of such a crisis.

The one-day event consists of one plenary and nine concurrent sessions, including a Special Session with Ernst & Young with a closing keynote address by none other than the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. If you hunger for meaningful dialogue, frank discussions and unique perspectives as well as the chance to exchange views and ideas with leading members of the country’s corporate sector, the Perdana Leadership Foundation CEO Forum 2014 is an event not to be missed.